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    About Us

    To Create wonderful buildings, you need talented and creative architects who can give shape to your ideas but creative professionals can be hard to find.
    At BuildWonders, we have created an online marketplace that connects clients with talented building professionals. From an Architect to Interior designer to 3D Modeler to Structural design Engineer, Easily hire professionals that match your expectation and budget.

    Whatsoever type of Project – Construction or Renovation, Hire a design expert who is interested in your building project and budget. Our platform will makes it simple to discover architectural talent and let you connect with the most suited building professional. You just need to enter your project details, Architects show interest and then you can chat and shortlist the most successful professionals. All this for FREE!


    We aspire to help in finding an Architect for commercial, institutional, and ground-up residential projects. Our mission is to enable better accessibility to Architectural/design services.